A Spiritual Message for the World

Join us for a Youtube Livestream of the Ashaninka healer Maestro Juan Flores as he shares an important message from the spirits during this time of world transformation.

Saturday, December 19th, 2020
14:00 UTC-6 (Central)

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Tonkiri Integrative Wellness & Learning Centre

At Tonkiri we believe nature is the best teacher and healer. The trees, the river, the rocks, the sky above, they all teach us about who we are and who we can become. In the forest we are reminded of what is eternal and true. The plants lighten our heavy hearts. The river washes away our fears and sorrow. The bird songs lift our spirits. The stars above guide us to new ways of being. In the forest we can feel peace once again.

Tonkiri wishes all who visit, to know the peace, and the love, of nature.