A world where peace among all beings reigns. Where humanity unites in a common vision to live in balance with nature.

Tonkiri strives for world peace and believes a closer relationship with nature is the key to attaining this goal.

The forest teaches us that first we must heal our heart, then our mind and our body will follow. When our heart is fully healed, love flows through us with all the force of nature, bringing healing to our family, our friends, our community and to the world as a whole.

Tonkiri is a place with a vision to unite the world, a place to unite traditional and western medicine, spirit and science, art and life.
Tonkiri is inspired by the teachings of the Ashaninka healer Juan Flores of Mayantuyacu, Peru. In the Ashaninka language Tonkiri means hummingbird.


Tonkiri is off-grid and we are always striving to become more sustainable. We want to be a living example of how humans can live in balance with nature. We use some solar power, but we prefer woodstoves, candles, the moon, the stars, and the unhindered rhythm of day and night.

Tonkiri is situated on the shores of the Whitemouth River in the southeast corner of Manitoba, Canada. We experience four seasons, from the warmest summers to the coldest winters. We love all of it and can operate year round.

Tonkiri is surrounded by forest and wetlands. The main trees are birch, spruce, balsam fir, cedar, aspen, ash and oak.

Tonkiri shares its home with beavers, wolves, lynx, deer, bears, otters, eagles, swans and so much more.

Tonkiri is on Treaty Three territory, the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe peoples and the homeland of the Metis Nation.


Casablanca is our space for ceremony, for gatherings, and for relaxing in hammocks. It is heated by woodstove in winter.

The Jupiter Lodge is our octagonal guest space with seven bedrooms and a central common area. In winter, a wood boiler heats the floor.

The Grey Jay Cabin is a private cabin suitable for one person, or a couple.

NEW: Ready by January 2021, Tonkiri will have a new all-season kitchen, dining lodge, washrooms, shower and a cedar sauna

The Summer Washrooms & Showers are open from spring until fall.

The Main Cabin is the director’s cabin and Tonkiri’s solar-powered headquarters.

The Dock is put in the water every spring until fall, and can be used for swimming, fishing and launching canoes.


Tonkiri is connected to hiking trails that can take you into the woods, and the river can be paddled for hours without seeing anyone but the turtles and otters. Swimming off the dock is good medicine, as the river is healthy, deep and flows well. In summer, visitors can choose to stay in tents in the woods, or by the river, if they want to be closer to nature.

Booking Tonkiri

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