A Spiritual Message for the World

Livestream Recording with Maestro Juan Flores

(UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City

Join us for a Youtube Livestream of the Ashaninka healer Maestro Juan Flores as he shares an important message from the spirits during this time of world transformation.

The livestream will be delivered in Spanish with simultaneous English translation provided by Dr. Susana Bustos. After Maestro Flores is done speaking there will be time for questions from viewers.

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Who is Maestro Juan Flores?

Maestro Flores is a world-renowned healer, teacher and expert of medicinal plants. He lives and works in the Peruvian Amazon where he is director of Mayantuyacu: Centre for the Study of Medicinal Plants. Descended from a family of healers, Maestro Flores has worked with the plants for over 60 years. Throughout his whole life he has maintained a close relationship with the spirits of nature and is a voice for the plants. Through his life’s work Maestro Flores is helping the world realize the potential for plants to heal us, to teach us, and to help us build a better world.

A Message from Jim Sanders, Director of Tonkiri

I have known Maestro Flores for 15 years, as both a student and as a friend. He has healed me, he let me make a documentary film about him, and he guides me every step of the way as we build Tonkiri. Juan Flores is a humble man dedicated to alleviating suffering in all those that come his way. His knowledge and wisdom is vast (almost incomprehensible sometimes) and he fearlessly shares it with anyone willing to learn. Anyone that has worked with him knows that this man is an authentic bridge to the spirit world and an ambassador to the plants. Maestro Flores is a man of few words. His actions speak the loudest. When he asked me to set up a video livestream where he can share a message with the world, I knew this was a big deal and that he has something important to say.

I really hope you decide to tune into the livestream on December 19th. Please let others know. Spread the word.